Free Vein Screening

We believe our commitment to providing free screening evaluations immeasurably helps our patients in their decision-making process. Prior to any monetary commitment-our physicians conduct a free venous screening evaluation to assess the extent of the symptoms and the potential severity of any underlying problem. Armed with the information, they then can educate each patient about a treatment plan, estimated cost and the expected outcome.

During this appointment you will meet with our board certified vascular surgeon, he will listen to any symptoms you may be experiencing as well as do a quick exam of the areas that concern you. Once he has done this he will provide you with his recommendations. If he believes that what you are experiencing is a medical problem then it is likely he will recommend that you schedule a venous duplex and consultation. The venous duplex (ultrasound) will rule out or diagnose a vein problem and during the consultation our doctor will thoroughly review the results with you and provide treatment options if necessary.

It is important to understand that the venous duplex (ultrasound) would only be recommended if you have the appropriate indications (symptoms), the presence of these indications allows the testing and consult to be billed to your insurance. You would be responsible for any co-pay or deductible associated with the ultrasound and consult.

If during the free screening the doctor feels your concerns are cosmetic he will provide you with a treatment plan and quote free of charge.

To read more about insurance coverage with vein conditions please read below.

Are You Covered?

Let Us Help You Answer

In many instances, insurance will cover evaluation and treatment of vein problems. Many vein problems are medical, and medical problems are usually covered by insurance. Leg pain, swelling, skin changes (with or without bulging varicose veins) may be a symptoms of medical vein problem. However, some vein problems are cosmetic, and cosmetic problems are not covered by insurance.

One of the purposes of our free screening is for Dr. Garner to assess whether the problem is cosmetic or possibly medical. Before a treatment or test is done, we can tell you whether it is medical or cosmetic. In other words, you will know beforehand if your insurance covers a procedure.

*Patients are responsible for their co-pay and deductible as determined by their insurance company. Our staff can provide you with the necessary information and help you calculate any out-of-pocket expense that you may have.